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News of the day

It’s small. It’s benign. It can be seen on a 2002 MRI so I’ve been living with it for quite a while with no problems. It’s growing - slowly. It can be treated with radiosurgery. It’s my decision and there is no urgency. I plan on talking with my trusted family doctor before deciding anything.We also swung by Minuet on our way home, and it smells like we are going to win this year’s war against mildew.
All in all, a day with more good news than bad.

A Week in Tweets

For those of us who are addicted to social media, there are Facebook people and there are Twitter people. While I enjoy keeping up with friends and family on Facebook, I’m much more likely to encounter something new and exciting on Twitter. It’s easier to follow a diverse group of people there than on Facebook, where linkages are based on more traditional relationships.

I also post updates more often on Twitter than on Facebook. I’m less self-censoring there.

I’ve had quite a week, and I thought I would tell the story of it through my Twitter posts, with some editorial amplification. Here goes:

May 8: I’m traveling to Rochacha to see my mom & my doctor. OMG spring is finally here in NNY & it’s gorgeous.
        Note: Excellent music on satellite radio makes the mood even better.

May 8: I retweeted a post by Christopher Hayes of The Nation magazine: Great Mother’s Day column from @KathaPollitt :

May 9: Just had an MRI of my head. It’s a minimalist concert! My fa…