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Back off the road again

I’m home again after three days of traveling. I’ll be taking off for more travels Saturday morning, but that won’t be for work. That will be to visit people I love, and R. will be driving, and I’ll be knitting Christmas presents. My head is sorting out all kinds of new information. I’ve taken another step towards adding exciting new duties to my job. Both ongoing and new work associates seem quite confident that I will do just fine. My karma with the universe seems to be solid. At the beginning of two four-hour long drives in the dark, I filled my pink McGill travel mug with coffee, and both times the cashier told me the coffee was free, and to drive safely. I did. Now to pay the bills, so that I can enjoy the vacation that starts Saturday morning.

Voting Day

I love filling in the bubble next to the name of my husband on the paper ballot. He’s running unopposed, but it’s still a little thrill to vote for him. I was the only person today to ask to see my ballot on the scanning machine before pushing the button that cast my vote. Second happy moment: seeing his name on the ballot scanner.

Dazed and Amazed

We saw Bela Fleck and the Flecktones in concert tonight, and it was an amazing experience.  On the way home, R. called the music profound. I found myself in tears at one point. Organized chaos with a strong sense of melody, and an elegant light show. Sound levels were quite good as well. These guys want to hear for a long time, and they want their audiences to hear as well. There was one sung song, “Sunset Road”, and R. said the simple lyrics expressed perfectly how he feels these days. I bought 2 CDs - the Flecktones’ newest, “Rocket Science”, and Victor Wooten’s “A Show of Hands”. We didn’t play them on the way home. We haven’t played any music of any kind since we left the concert hall. It wouldn’t be respectful. There’s lots of time tomorrow for music.

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