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2012 Knitting Report

I’ve not been very good this year about reporting my knitting projects on my blog. Let me assure you, there has been knitting and several finished projects.

I’ve become very good about recording each project on, and I think that has robbed some of the impetus behind my knitting blog posts of the past. Technical data recorded in a place where it is most likely to be useful to other practitioners - my knitting blog posts seem superfluous in contrast.

I will end the year with a report on what I did with the needles this year.

Sunrise Circle Jacket (completed January 8)

Obviously most of the knitting on this project happened during 2011. It’s knit in Cascade Yarns Ecological Wool, an undyed yarn that is soft and lofty. This is a very warm sweater with flattering shaping and a professional flair. I would feel comfortable wearing it to any business meeting.

The designer, Kate Gilbert, created a precise pattern that sewed up perfectly despite some very unconventionally shaped pi…

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