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Cross linked

It has been just over a year from when I opened this blog, and nearly a year from when I started posting to it regularly.

I have gained a lot from blogging. A few real friends, and many warm acquaintances. A greater appreciation for how much I like the act of writing. Technological skills - blogging has spurred me to learn how to better use the Web for my own purposes, rather than just surf it. I think I have also grappled with an internal demon or two, and am a happier person as a result.

The intent of this blog is to open up my writing to members of my family and friends. It has worked well for me. My mother, daughter, my son's GF, and at least one friend regularly read this blog, and my mom especially treasures the opportunity to feel close to me as she reads my words. I also have some readership because the blog is cross-referenced on my Ravelry profile.

Now I have discovered that my blog has been discovered by, a popular local news website, and by a woman who…

Christmas Menu

Hello World.

I haven't forgotten about or given up blogging. Lots of ideas have floated through my head during the past week. I've had a hard time finding cracks in the day to write, and my energy levels have been low.

I do have a menu for Christmas Day, so that important task is done. We usually have two official meals on Christmas. The third meal consists of nibbling on chocolate and leftovers from breakfast.

Homemade Christmas bread
fruit salad

Shrimp cocktail

Venison tenderloin with a nut crust
Baked potatoes with sour cream

Dessert: Dark chocolate and lime souffle

For wine, we are buying a NY State red called "Hunter's Red". We had it at a friend's wedding, and it was memorable. We also have a gift bottle of dessert wine called "Chocolate Lab" that we may break out later in the evening. I think that it might be a poor choice to drink with a chocolate dessert.

I am looking forward to the cooking and th…

Knitting Blog: Spring Thaw Socks

I was able to complete these socks over the short vacation I just took. Five days, with much of two days spent in travel. We visited friends in Connecticut, and my dad and stepmother on Cape Cod. I could have used one more day on the Cape, but soon I will have 11 days off in a row, so I am not complaining.

These socks were designed by Cat Bordhi and were in the Summer 2008 issue of Knitter's magazine. They are probably the most perfectly designed pattern I have ever knit.

I knit them in Knitpick's gloss yarn, a 70% merino wool 30% silk blend. The yarn is as scrumptious as the pattern. It's very rewarding to use such a fine material to materialize such a fine vision.

The socks are knit in twisted rib, which makes the raised stitches "pop". It takes more time to knit a ribbed fabric as the yarn is constantly moving from front to back. Some things are worth more time.

The top of the sock is lovely, with embedded leaves, but nothing screams a truly distinctive design her…

I finish grad school. With a speedbump at the end.

It's been longer than unusual between posts. I have been busy finishing the last course of my grad program. As soon as my final is graded and my final grade has been posted, I will have completed all requirements for the degree of Masters in Public Administration from Troy University.

The end did not come easily. Up until this last course, I have been able to fulfill the requirement of one proctored exam per course by having the Executive Director at my agency serve as my proctor. I was able to take my exams at the comfort of my desk at work, with a well-known keyboard under my fingertips. This possibility was eliminated for all public administration students effective with this term, unless you happen to be located in a combat zone. Alas, I was unable to make the argument that given the budget problems in New York, any quasi-governmental agency is in the line of fire these days. So I arranged to take my final at a professional testing center in Rochester.

Make that quasi-professio…

Wrapping it up

I am almost at the end of grad school.

I submitted my last paper last week. It was a 25 page case study about a school district that couldn't keep its halls and bathrooms clean. I got my grade today - 340 out of 350 points.

A week from today I take my final final exam. I have to travel for this one because the school has changed the terms of engagement, effective this term. It used to be I could arrange for someone with professional credentials to act as my proctor. Now the school gives me three options only. I can take my exam in one of their centers (the closest one is Philadelphia PA) or at a commercial testing center. Or I can buy a machine that plugs into a computer and watches me take the test - a "Remote Proctor".

The fracking thing looks like a Cylon. And it does not work on a Mac.

I am not about to buy such a thing for one test.

I chose Troy University's MPA program because it was cheap (still is), has a reasonable and balanced set of course requirements (still d…

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