Wrapping it up

I am almost at the end of grad school.

I submitted my last paper last week. It was a 25 page case study about a school district that couldn't keep its halls and bathrooms clean. I got my grade today - 340 out of 350 points.

A week from today I take my final final exam. I have to travel for this one because the school has changed the terms of engagement, effective this term. It used to be I could arrange for someone with professional credentials to act as my proctor. Now the school gives me three options only. I can take my exam in one of their centers (the closest one is Philadelphia PA) or at a commercial testing center. Or I can buy a machine that plugs into a computer and watches me take the test - a "Remote Proctor".

The fracking thing looks like a Cylon. And it does not work on a Mac.

I am not about to buy such a thing for one test.

I chose Troy University's MPA program because it was cheap (still is), has a reasonable and balanced set of course requirements (still does), and because it supported both PCs and Macs as options. I don't believe that the school wants to support the Mac option any more. That is a shame.


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