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It has been just over a year from when I opened this blog, and nearly a year from when I started posting to it regularly.

I have gained a lot from blogging. A few real friends, and many warm acquaintances. A greater appreciation for how much I like the act of writing. Technological skills - blogging has spurred me to learn how to better use the Web for my own purposes, rather than just surf it. I think I have also grappled with an internal demon or two, and am a happier person as a result.

The intent of this blog is to open up my writing to members of my family and friends. It has worked well for me. My mother, daughter, my son's GF, and at least one friend regularly read this blog, and my mom especially treasures the opportunity to feel close to me as she reads my words. I also have some readership because the blog is cross-referenced on my Ravelry profile.

Now I have discovered that my blog has been discovered by, a popular local news website, and by a woman who retired from where I work. My sitemeter says that traffic has increased. And I have very mixed feelings about having a higher profile in the area where I live and work.

Would I have posted as much information as I did about my son's marital problems if my site had been linked to the local news site at an earlier date? Probably not. My daughter also is concerned about the increased visibility.

My husband's attitude? He says "Most people don't give a shit."

I'm going to be more careful about what I post in this blog. No names. No specific information about where I work. No specific information about the lives of others in my family, especially when they are in difficulty.

Blah. Self-censorship. It takes the fun out of self-exposure.


  1. You are learning aren't you? Keep the blog light, fun and entertaining, I agree with Robert -- "we don't give a shit." But it is fun to read your blog.


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