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Knitting Blog: Maia

Right now I am putting Elizabeth Zimmerman’s motto to good use:"Knit on with confidence and hope, through all crises."

There is even a finished object to show for it. Maia - a shawl designed by Rosemary Hill, and knitted by me in Moonlight and Laughter’s yarn.

The original shawl is designed to be a small shoulderette, but my version was to be a gift, and I wanted to make a longer, more versatile shawl. Easy to adapt the pattern - just add more yarn than specified. I used nearly all of two skeins of a fingering weight merino/bamboo blend. The yarn was handpainted and it was highly likely that small color differences would create a visual join if I knit all of one skein then added the other, so I knit first two rows from one skein then two rows from the other. The end result was perfect - no pooling of colors, and no noticeable change from one skein to the other.

Pictures, please!

In the knitting. I think this picture captures the lovely interplay of colors in the yarn pretty well…