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I join yet another social network.

I seem to be addicted to social networks. Let’s list them all:

The one I’m blogging on right here and now.

Is the list long enough to make you worried about me? I will say that I am not very active on some of these. I spend time lurking, however, on all of them. As a wise person said, time is the only part of your life that is finite, so it is possible that this list represents a woeful leaking away of life energy.

I just joined a new social network that might actually be GOOD for me: Fitocracy.

It’s been closely guarded in beta, but they are starting to loosen up their invitations and are leting the riff-raff in.

The purpose of the site is to keep track of your workouts. As you accumulate exercise time, you level up. As you level up - well, I’m a lowly level 3 right now, so future rewards are yet to be revealed. Gamers love the site. I’m very good at logging knitting projects on Ravelry, and I think I’ll be very good at logging exercise on Fitocracy.

As a…