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New Life in the House

We’ve been dogless since July 14, 2007, when our last dog died. For the first couple of years, I rather liked not having a dog anymore. For the past year or so, though, my husband has been wanting a dog. He even settled on a breed. After two black labs, delightful dogs that filled our home, cars, and boat with dog hair, he decided he wanted a standard poodle.

No little dogs for this guy. We think our brother’s new dachshund Gracie is adorable, and proves that little dogs are wonderful companions. That doesn’t change the fact that R. is a big dog man.

At the end of August, he was talking with our town’s dog control officer, and said, “If you ever have a standard poodle turned in to you, let me know, I’d be interested in adopting him.” Whereupon the dog catcher told him that he had a labradoodle in his pound who was past his holding period and needed a home. R. rushed up to see the dog, and brought me there that evening. The next day, he was home with us.

I’m pleased to introduce Samwis…

What's got my goat?

The video link below is definitely Not Safe For Work - but I share Sarah Silverman’s anger at the coordinated efforts across our country to deny citizens of the US their right to vote.

For me the right to vote is one of the holy of holies. This is what our soldiers fight for. Too bad their veteran IDs aren’t considered to be good enough identification to allow them to vote in at least some of the places where these horrible new laws are in effect.

This issue is what makes me the angriest about this year’s election. And I only see one party resorting to these tactics. Please name for me one Democratic governor or state legislator who has proposed a law restricting the ability to vote.

Yes, there is a difference between the two major parties.

A Race, a Lucky Landing, and a Feast

I love our marina. We made a great choice to move Minuet there two years ago. The facilities are great, and it’s a sailor’s marina. Among the other boat owners there are the couple who are going to sell their home and become full-time cruisers, the couple that does live on their boat, wintering in the Caribbean most years, the man who is very generous with sharing his mechanical and boat repair skills, the woman who has a full-time painting business, the couple who sailed with their family down the entire St. Lawrence River, the man who races semi-professionally, and more. I’m very humble about my boating skills in their company, even though I have survived a couple of hard blows and a handful of the mishaps that inevitably come with time spent on the water.

Our marina has a wonderful annual August tradition of a race followed by a potluck dinner. The marina owner provides pennants as prizes for the top four finishers in two fleets of boats. Fleet One is made up of what our daughter c…