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Post from lung Two Partners, Two Cancers

Life got a bit more complicated late last summer when my husband Robert was diagnosed with stage II prostate cancer. What is supposed to be a “routine “ cancer with straight-forward treatment options turned out to be more complicated because of Robert’s ulcerative colitis. Even though his UC has been in remission for decades, various doctors threw up red flags about his preferred treatment method and we’ve had to do a fair bit of research and visit doctors in Syracuse and New York City before deciding on a treatment. 
I no longer think that there is such a thing as a “simple” cancer diagnosis.
Robert’s story demonstrates again how worthwhile it is to go to a major cancer center if you can. His cancer was downgraded by the pathologist at Memorial Sloan Kettering, making him eligible for low dose brachytherapy instead of going to daily radiation sessions for weeks and weeks. 
This post I did for talks about what we have learned while coping with two active cancer diagnos…