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Knocking a few words together again

All at once some voices in my blogroll that have been silent are posting. Believe it or not, I’ve been working up a head of steam to start fitting words together again myself. It must be something in the air.

It’s been a trying year so far. Projects and plans and spirits have unraveled. There’s less walking around money in the wallet, and there are possible unfavorable financial changes floating in the atmosphere just as I am coming close to retirement.

I’m not going to talk about any of it in greater detail than that. My decision that I cannot, that I will not talk about these matters openly has pretty effectively zipped my mouth shut for months.

My response has been to become a sponge. My Google Reader overfloweth with other people’s tasty tidbits. It’s getting a bit boring, though. I’ve also come to realize that the act of writing has had positive effects on my life in the past. My period of most active blogging came when I was working on my master’s degree and working full time. Acti…