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Hope Means Different Things to Different People

May is Lung Cancer Hope Month. I am celebrating hope in my own way this month: by purchasing and processing a fleece.
Making yarn from raw wool seems to me like an ultimate achievement, and it is one that has intimidated me. Last year at Maryland Sheep and Wool, my daughter Ana took the plunge, buying a gorgeous clean and subtly colored fleece from Raja Farm of Lincoln, MA. Later we met up with Clara Parkes of, and we showed her the fleece. Clara was very complimentary, ooo-ing and ahh-ing in a most satisfactory way, and said that Raja Farm is renowned for its beautiful, high quality, and easy to spin fleeces.
This year, Ana insisted that it was time for me to buy my first fleece. After we arrived at Maryland Sheep and Wool on Saturday May 6, we made a beeline for Raja Farm. Ana bought two fleeces and I chose my first fleece. Actually it’s a half fleece, but it’s still 2.5 pounds of wool, and it will keep me busy for quite a while.
The fleece may have looked gorgeo…