I join yet another social network.

I seem to be addicted to social networks. Let’s list them all:

The one I’m blogging on right here and now.

Is the list long enough to make you worried about me? I will say that I am not very active on some of these. I spend time lurking, however, on all of them. As a wise person said, time is the only part of your life that is finite, so it is possible that this list represents a woeful leaking away of life energy.

I just joined a new social network that might actually be GOOD for me: Fitocracy.

It’s been closely guarded in beta, but they are starting to loosen up their invitations and are leting the riff-raff in.

The purpose of the site is to keep track of your workouts. As you accumulate exercise time, you level up. As you level up - well, I’m a lowly level 3 right now, so future rewards are yet to be revealed. Gamers love the site. I’m very good at logging knitting projects on Ravelry, and I think I’ll be very good at logging exercise on Fitocracy.

As a side benefit, the iPod genius found an excellent playlist for walking based on Bela Fleck’s “Cheeseballs in Cowtown”. I returned home listening to the Claire Lynch Band’s exquisite version of “The Wabash Cannonball”. If you have not heard it, words cannot describe the beauty and non-hokey interpretation of the tune.

The hardest part is DOING the exercise. I need to make that part of daily life again. It’s the hardest habit for me to make, and the easiest for me to break. Maybe linking exercise to my Internet Jones will be helpful.


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