Christmas Menu

Hello World.

I haven't forgotten about or given up blogging. Lots of ideas have floated through my head during the past week. I've had a hard time finding cracks in the day to write, and my energy levels have been low.

I do have a menu for Christmas Day, so that important task is done. We usually have two official meals on Christmas. The third meal consists of nibbling on chocolate and leftovers from breakfast.

Homemade Christmas bread
fruit salad

Shrimp cocktail

Venison tenderloin with a nut crust
Baked potatoes with sour cream

Dessert: Dark chocolate and lime souffle

For wine, we are buying a NY State red called "Hunter's Red". We had it at a friend's wedding, and it was memorable. We also have a gift bottle of dessert wine called "Chocolate Lab" that we may break out later in the evening. I think that it might be a poor choice to drink with a chocolate dessert.

I am looking forward to the cooking and the eating. I'll be baking the bread tomorrow.


  1. Sounds like a great meal.

    Yay for venison at Christmas.


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