Knitting Blog: Spring Thaw Socks

I was able to complete these socks over the short vacation I just took. Five days, with much of two days spent in travel. We visited friends in Connecticut, and my dad and stepmother on Cape Cod. I could have used one more day on the Cape, but soon I will have 11 days off in a row, so I am not complaining.

These socks were designed by Cat Bordhi and were in the Summer 2008 issue of Knitter's magazine. They are probably the most perfectly designed pattern I have ever knit.

I knit them in Knitpick's gloss yarn, a 70% merino wool 30% silk blend. The yarn is as scrumptious as the pattern. It's very rewarding to use such a fine material to materialize such a fine vision.

The socks are knit in twisted rib, which makes the raised stitches "pop". It takes more time to knit a ribbed fabric as the yarn is constantly moving from front to back. Some things are worth more time.

The top of the sock is lovely, with embedded leaves, but nothing screams a truly distinctive design here. Because they are ribbed right to the toe, the socks fit closely.

The sole of the sock is where the design becomes almost revolutionary. Where a traditional sock adds extra fabric for the thickness and angle where the foot meets the leg, this sock adds that extra fabric on the sole. The increases create the diagonal patterning on the sides of the sole as the sock moves from toe to heel.

Another really practical and well engineered touch: the reinforced heel stitching extends all the way around the curve of the heel. This is unusual, and may well increase the life of the socks.

I think that a woman who can design these socks could do anything she wanted to do. Obviously she wants to do this. I have already started a new Bordhi design - Tibetan socks for my daughter.


  1. Very nice. You are talented! :) Is there anything that you can't knit?


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