Favorite Knit Objects: Going to the dogs edition

In the absence of a new finished knit object, here is an item I knit several years ago, proudly modeled by its owner. Please meet Zoe, my stepson's half Poodle, half Bichon:

I can't even remember when I knit this, but it was several years ago. It's held up very well, though you can see a small area I had to repair a couple of years ago on the second pic. It's knit from acrylic yarn for washability. Of course, the name of the pattern is Dogasaurus.

Zoe visited us for a couple of days this past weekend, giving me the opportunity to take these pics. Increasingly, peace is reigning in the animal kingdom here. The cats have always detested Zoe, but this time they did not hide from her, and when I came up to bed Saturday night, Zoe was on the bed along with two of the cats! (There was scarcely any room for me.)

I'm still knitting away on the most luscious pair of socks I have ever made. And today I am ordering yarn for several projects. I am smelling the end of grad school, and I'm going to be ready.


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