CSA Week #2

There were peonies in my CSA share this week. After a long day of work after a long day's drive the day before, seeing and smelling the flowers as I opened the cooler made me gasp a little, and break into a smile. This is definitely the best purchase I have made this year.

Also included in this week's batch of good things: lettuce, spinach, green onions, garlic scapes, a cucumber, kale, herbs (dill and cilantro), and beets.

I decided tonight on my strategy for eating what we receive: whatever we would be most unlikely to buy for ourselves will be the first item eaten, with adjustments for perishability. That means that the dish for the night is beets, because I have thrown away more fresh beets than I have eaten in my lifetime. Also, the greens are perfect tonight, and they won't stay nice for long. Simply in Season will be one of my go-to sources of recipes. Tonight I am making a whole beet skillet that uses every part of the beet, and seasons the dish with lemon juice, ginger, and honey.

I can smell the peonies as I write this, and cook our dinner...

Postscript: the beets were delicious. My advice is to always eat them first, while they are fresh.

What else have I been up to, besides eating beets? Work, enjoying the hot tub, and a fast trip to Cape Cod. This trip wended from the western foothills of the Adirondacks through Montreal to the Cape. Our trip out was bedeviled by a series of detours, some expected like the closed border crossing at Massena/Cornwall, and others that took us by surprise, like the closed bridge to Ile de Montreal on Quebec Route 20. Our trip back handled all detours skillfully, but was just plain long - 12 hours. I'm tired tonight. It was worth it, though, to spend the weekend with my father, my stepmother, and my daughter. And Robert, too!


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