News Flash from the Campaign

R. won the race for Town Supervisor - 328 votes out of 639 votes cast.

The current Town Supervisor staged a write-in campaign in the last week before the election. Our county just switched to a scanned paper ballot, so write-ins are very easy. He got 202 votes, and was the second place finisher.

The conclusion must be that the insurgent campaign guaranteed R. the victory.

The insurgency in the NY-23 campaign had the same result, where Democratic candidate Bill Owens won. This result is gratifying to me; I couldn't do a lot to help R. in our town, so I worked as a volunteer in the Owens campaign.

The overall conclusion: if you are going to play with the fire of mounting an insurgent campaign, you had best be prepared to be burned.


  1. Congrats to Dad!
    That's what you get to K.

    WTG Bill!
    Ha ha ha ha Hoffman!

    What a good day to be awake!

  2. If we coulda we woulda voted for R
    Ted Ford


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