Tech Nattering

I'm quite taken with the iPad.


I'm positive that if I had one in my hands, I would know just what to do with it. My dear husband also knows that, without me saying so to him.

I am currently suffering from technological obsolescence. My beloved PowerBook G4 just can't keep up anymore. The "whirling beachball of death" makes ever more frequent appearances and the fan runs as the machine struggles with the demands I make of it. Poor thing. Doomed to a life with Tiger, never to know Leopard. I carefully monitor the dock, knowing that it's important to run as few programs as necessary (and to keep the number of tabs in my browser down to the bare minimum I need for happiness).

There are plans afoot for an upgrade this spring. We will buy our daughter a top-of-the-line MacBook Pro as a graduation present from college, and she will give me her first generation MBP. I can look forward to a bigger screen, faster processor, more RAM. Like mine, her machine runs hot, but it will handle the load I put upon it quite nicely.

But a whole new paradigm is starting to gel, and I wonder if the MBP will be the last computer with keypad that I own.

I would love simply touching that cool, smooth glass, and watching it respond.

And R has lust of his own for that MBP, and suggested that maybe, just maybe, we should buy me a iPad, and let him inherit the MBP. So loving of him to make the offer, don't you think?

The technology hasn't moved to the sweet spot I need to make that choice - yet. I still need to keep a set of books and prepare tax returns. The iPad will have some work-like applications, but it's not yet fully equipped to take on the work of a digital life. I don't want two computers, just one (plus my iPhone) and I don't want to borrow R's computer whenever I have a serious bit of work to do.

Someday the MBP will struggle to keep up, the way the PB G4 does now. Maybe by then the iPad will have evolved through a few generations, and be ready for me, the way I am even now ready for it.


  1. I do think that the anxieties I have about touch tech were over blown as concerns the iPhone and that is why I am not a nay sayer about the iPad. However, like you, when I have a bit of work or video making I want to get done, I'll need the laptop. Wouldn't it be nice to have both!


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