Check-off list

Taxes finished and filed - check!
Reservations made for A.'s graduation ceremony - check!
Laundry done - check!
Exercised twice this weekend - check!
Spent time having fun with family - check!
Caught up on my sleep - check!
And, 70 sections of ruffle (about 1,960 stitches) left to bind off, which means 19 sections done. That's over 20%. I'll get some more knitting time in tonight as well.

Two days of sunshine - check! It's so early to get a taste of spring in these parts, but there is no doubt that a change is coming. For one thing, the maple syrup makers are having a glorious run, and are boiling sap. It seems early for maple season to be happening. Could we really be having an early spring this year?

All in all a very good weekend, though not one that leads to deep thoughts. I could use a few more days like this.


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