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I have become a big fan of the work of Rosemary Hill. Romi designs beautiful knitted lace (plus sells handmade shawl pins that are elegant and unstuffy). I’ve now knit two of her patterns: the Ice Queen, and Brandywine.

Brandywine is a very special pattern. When you create a bit of beauty for a friend, a loved one, or yourself, you are also contributing to a long term project. When you buy the pattern for Brandywine, $5 of the $6.50 price of the pattern is donated by Romi to a group doing relief work in Haiti. She hopes to eventually contribute $50,000, and has already given $10,500. It feels good to have a piece of the action.

This project started with both a lovely pattern and gorgeous yarn. I used about half of a skein of Silk Noir, a 100% silk yarn dyed by the Great Adirondack Yarn Company.

From 05.2010 Brandywine

This yarn has so many short lengths of different colors, it would sound like a mishmash if I listed them all. Combined, the overall effect is a brownish-pinkish-purple. The colors never pooled as I knit a triangle that continually shifted the relationship of the colors to each other - a remarkable feat of very talented dying.

This was one of the two yarns my daughter and I selected as our prize for winning TAUNY’s hat competition earlier this year. I’ve given her the other half of the yarn, and can hardly wait to see what she makes with it.

It didn’t take long to be satisfied that I had a very harmonious combination of yarn and pattern working together on my needles.

From 05.2010 Brandywine

And now I’m done! And I have a beautifully light small shawl that I will be able to enjoy all summer.

From 05.2010 Brandywine

From 05.2010 Brandywine


  1. That's gorgeous, Anita. How long did it take you?

    (This is Laurie/AmpleKnitter commenting, btw.)


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