Around and around she goes, work edition

Work keeps spinning around and around. Anyone who pays attention to the news must surely realize that the times do not favor small non-profit agencies that use government funds to deliver services to youth, small farmers, and low income families. Right now we are dealing with a mid-year rescission of funds to a program that used to look rock solid. Today we got news that what looks to me like an accounting error made elsewhere, possibly a long time ago, may turn that rescission from a 40% cut to a 50% cut.

For those in the accounting world, I’ll just say that it looks like we’ve been operating on an accrual basis while the department that cuts us the reimbursement checks has been working on a cash basis. And then there is the question of what basis the department that cuts the check to the department works on, and how arcane its reimbursement rules are. And then there is the question of what basis the department that cuts the check to the department that cuts the check to the department works on. I’m pretty sure they’re on the same basis as us, but you know what? In the end they won’t care, as evidenced by all of the layers between the ultimate source and the ultimate user of the funds.

I have lots of questions.

Beyond that, I will have a lot of work to do this year. Our agency is part of an project to regionalize some administrative functions, focusing on accounting, human resources, and technology. Guess who has primary responsibility for all three areas at our agency? I interviewed for a position as a regional finance specialist, but others were called to serve. I’m not disappointed at all. I don’t know if I could juggle all the balls that would be thrown at me if I had gotten the job. The two who did don’t have to implement HR and tech reforms in their offices in addition to their new regional responsibilities.

On the feeling-like-I’m-effective front, I can put together a mail merge document that rocks! I’m just about ready to send out job offers to 70 summer camp employees. It’s going to feel good to be the bringer of good news for a change.

I was so kerflummoxed by today’s bad news that I shut off my computer at work before 5 PM and was rolling home by 5:30. Ask my husband, that doesn’t happen very often. That was a healthy thing to do. Since coming home, I also took a long walk and snapped some pics of the first spring wildflowers. Next I’ll knit some lace. I already feel better.


  1. That does not sound either fun or easy to deal with. It kind of boggles my mind at this point.


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