Happy birthday to me.

I'm 60 years old today. An epic age. A dividing line birthday. As my stepmom said, "wow, that's a big one".

It's been a week that feels appropriate as a lead-up to a big birthday. My husband is battling a nasty staph infection in his arm, the kind of ailment that would lead to dire consequences if we didn't have powerful antibiotics. I got a big award at work, the Director's Award for being the employee who most exemplifies the spirit and ideals of the agency. A sense that I have accomplished some worthwhile work, a sense of the fragility of it all, and the shifting sands that lie ahead for R. and me.


I was good to myself today and went for a walk. The world was beautiful today, chilly and austere in the slightly dimmed sunshine of a lowering sun. As I walked, I thought that perhaps New Year's Day isn't the best day to make resolutions. Maybe birthdays are better, especially an epic one that signals a new phase of my life.

So I have made a few resolutions:

To be a bit more fit a year from now.
To be a bit more slender a year from now.
To get in to work earlier, and to go home earlier.
To spend as much time as possible with people I love, and who love me too. Our best friends came over to dinner tonight, and we all said we haven't seen enough of each other lately. We're going to change that.


Mmmmm, cheesecake!

Yes, I am having a happy birthday, with a touch of joy here and there.


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