Knitting Blog: New Socks

Finally - a second project for the year is off the needles! I have a new pair of socks that are in a different color than the warm peachy and burgundy tones that dominate my pile of handknit socks.


The pattern is Hickory, designed by Jane Cochran, and published in Clara Parkes’ The Knitter’s Book of Socks. This is a fine sock pattern, relatively quick to knit, and incorporating a subtle rib pattern that is an excellent choice for the kettle dyed yarn. The yarn is Araucania Ranco Solid, a toothy sockweight yarn that seems slightly less civilized than other brands I have knit.

Contrast these to Lorna Miser’s Escher socks, which I knit a while ago:


There is a similar effect, but let me tell you, the Hickories were a much easier, faster knit, and they are considerably more stretchy and comfortable. I might well make another pair of Hickories (they would be a good choice for gift socks), but I will never knit another pair of Eschers.

Still on the needles: the emerald Lorelei cardigan. Here’s hoping I get this sweater done while emerald is still the color of the year! I had a wee setback when I had completed all of the lace panel on the two front pieces, only to realize that my gauge had relaxed and they were much bigger than the matching lace panel on the back. I had to undo it all, and restart the front. I am now past the lace with a correct gauge, and enjoying the project.

Also on the needles: a scarf, Jacki, from the Craftsy course This is not complicated knitting, but it has been a humbling experience so far. I cannot tell you how many times I have discovered an error and had to rip out a section. Simple knitting that requires my complete attention - very Zen. The scarf will be a gift. I knew that even before starting it, and knew who that person should be after I had completed several inches of fabric. Thus, the pressure to correct mistakes. Fortunately it is enjoyable knitting, so reknitting the same section a few times has not dampened my knitting zeal.

Off I go to rip out another couple of inches of the Jacki...


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