Another Birthday

Today I am 63 years old, and I look back over a year that took me by surprise. None of us knows what lies ahead, and the Universe decided to use a sledgehammer to remind me of that truth over the past 12 months.

A year ago I was:

- a workaholic, juggling many different sets of responsibilities at my job.

- a person who got little exercise and who weighed more than I liked.

- glued to a computer screen for almost my entire day.

- feeling isolated much of the time.

- dabbling in mindfulness meditation, but without a practice.

- surprisingly healthy and prone to occasional feelings of well being, given all of the above.

Today I am:

- retired, and loving it. I feel no guilt at all about not showing up to work any more!

- a person with stage IV cancer.

- a person who is significantly more active. I go for a walk every day, and in general try to stay on my feet.

- still a lover of the computer and the smart phone, but not as tied to them.

- overwhelmed by the love of so many people.

- a person with a mindfulness meditation practice - although every practice can be strengthened.

- surprisingly healthy and prone to more frequent feelings of peace and well being, given all of the above.

Whatever happens in the next year, I will be fine.

And now I’m heading out the door to join my family for the wedding of my nephew, which is a celebration of Life - all our lives and all of our stories, including my own.


  1. I did not really "know" you a year ago. We have been acquaintances for many years, sharing mutual friends and some interests,"neighbors" of a sort in the Adirondack foothills.

    I know you only a little better now, but I would add - beautiful and - inspiring to your list of what you are today.

    In less than two months, the Escher exhibit will open at the National Gallery, and I'm looking forward to going there with you. May this year's you continue to thrive and be blessed. I, for one, am grateful for knowing you better.


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