New Posts in a New Place

As a new year approaches, I have a new platform for some of my posts. I am now a Community Blogger for the Free to Breathe site on the HealthUnlocked platform. HealthUnlocked is an international site bringing together non-profit groups dedicated to helping people with serious and chronic illnesses, and offering a place for people to connect with others, be they survivors, patients, or caregivers.

While I'll be posting regularly on the Free to Breathe site, I'll also continue to post here from time to time. I still need a place to post about my knitting, and I also have some long form pieces I want to do that more properly belong here. A post about the new standard of care for lung cancer is done now, and I will put it up in the next few days.

My first two posts for Free to Breathe are:

A meditative piece on how I have in effect skipped ahead a generation due to my diagnosis of lung cancer, and I now stand with my elderly parents, with much the same concerns and outlook on life.
On Being on the Same Page as Elderly Parents

A look at how lung cancer changes our relationships with food and body weight.
Food, Glorious Food: Lung Cancer, Food, and Weight Loss


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