Ruminations on Tsunami Tuesday

(originally written on Wednesday, February 6, 2008)


For months now, I've been stomping around, saying No More Dynasties! This weekend I had a realization that has caused me to forgive Hillary for being married to Bill Clinton, and then running for President. What I realized is that the only reason why she is able to do what she is doing is BECAUSE she is married to power. There are plenty of other smart, well-informed, talented female politicians who simply cannot galvanize the resources to run for President.

I like her, by the way. She is an excellent Senator. She loves rural New York, and has been good to us. She even came and spoke at the annual St. Lawrence County Democratic Party dinner. This is a county about the size of Rhode Island, but with only 120,000 people - not a lot of votes here, folks. It was a great speech, too.

Maybe the next woman won't have to be the wife of an ex-President to run herself. This time, she does.

John McCain

I have many points of disagreement with McCain. I shudder when he says we may be in Iraq for a century. But, he is remembering the sign in the china store, You break it, you bought it. He knows that we broke it, and he is responsible enough to want to try to fix it. I think his notion of honor is a sweet, touching, deluded, hopeless idea.

Especially if you want to cut taxes, too.

Ron Paul

Count me in the ranks of the folks who have been kind of interested in Ron Paul. Ah, the breath of fresh air in the debates, saying truth to power!

Well, Jack Beatty on WBUR's On Point said something Tuesday that gave me pause. He said that Ron Paul may be a racist.

I visited teh Google. I'm done with Mr. Paul.


I voted for Obama yesterday, and am at peace.

I didn't vote for him because of his views on the issues. There is very little difference between him and Hillary. I am probably closer to Richardson and Edwards in my views.

I didn't vote for him because he is an inspiring speaker. Though that doesn't hurt. But Hitler was an inspiring speaker, too.

I didn't vote for him because my sister knows someone who used to work with him, and who says that back then she thought he should be President someday. I didn't hear that story until after I pulled the lever.

I voted for him because he is running an amazingly well-organized campaign that is on the ground seemingly everywhere.

THAT's the stuff that just might make an effective President.

I also voted for him because of a wish and a hope. Of all the candidates still standing, he seems like the one most likely to roll back the unitary Presidency, and reestablish a better balance of powers in our government. But that is not based on data, just a feeling.


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