Chillin' with the daughter, and news from Albany

This week started off right. Our firewood for next winter is cut, split, and stacked in the woodshed. We got done just as the black flies started getting vicious. Now we can bask in a virtuous glow, and turn our attention to other projects around the homestead.

The last couple of days have been quiet. Robert is in Albany, working on the economic development project, and Ana is home, so I have been making sure to get home at a reasonable hour, and hang out with her.

I have gotten quite a bit of knitting done. The two pairs of mittens, for Robert and me, are felted and ready to put away until next winter. They are gorgeous, soft brown and very thick and fuzzy. Mine are oversized, so that I can wear them over a pair of fleece gloves. I am hopeful that I now have handwear that will actually keep my hands warm on the most bitter days. I'm also happy that Robert has handwear that will be more effective when he plows and snowblows the driveway. Which he will again, even though that seems so far away on a lovely spring day.

I also knit a beret for myself. It is currently being wet blocked on a dinner plate. This hat will look great with my magenta down coat.

And, I am casting on for the gauge swatch for a pair of Jaywalker socks. For myself. I have knit many pairs of socks, but only one pair for myself, a pair of heavy mohair socks that are hardly wearable due to size and extreme warmth. I should probably frog them and reuse the yarn, a gorgeous handspun lavender pink mohair blend, for something like a small scarf.

I found out that the State wants to use my budget forms as a model for a particular federal program at a statewide meeting to be held next week. Every year the federal partners tighten down the program a notch or two. This year the focus will be on "justify each item in your budget" and "base your allocations on FTEs", i.e. the percentage of total staff effort devoted to the project. They like how I am already doing both of these!

I'm finishing my reading for my current course on performance measurement. I have an open book exam on Thursday, then I enjoy a week and a half until the next one starts. Only three courses left, and I'm done. The next one is governmental budgeting, and I am taking it during my prime budget season at work, hoping for some synergy. There is a 700 page text for this one, and I am supposed to read the whole bloody thing within 8 weeks. It's a good thing I have it already, because I had best start reading during my "break".

Enough of me. Ana is wallowing in the delights of her new Wii game system. She bought it for herself as a reward for doing so well this year, and has been very resourceful at fitting herself out at a reduced cost. She bought the Wii in Canada, where they are cheaper. She found a very nice used television set on craigslist for $50. She bought a gamecube adapter and a few games quite reasonably from Amazon Used. She says, though, that she has to stop now, and enjoy what she has.

I had no idea she would love something like this so much. Me, I have an addictive personality and I am staying away. My interwebs jones is enough for me.

Finally, Robert called tonight with news. His trip has had its ups and downs. Tonight was the big up. He and another person who is working on the project were relaxing in a bar with a drink - and in walks Governor Paterson. Robert is not shy, and he walked up to the Governor and pitched the project. The response was very positive - the Governor wants to learn more. Robert now has the Governor's business card in his pocket, and contact information for a top aide.

Not bad, and it's only Tuesday.


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