On Vacay

I'm in Cape Cod, drinking coffee, eating oatmeal, and catching up after not being online for 24 hours. My husband and father are eating toast and discussing politics.

We'll be here for four full days. Hopefully we will cut up some firewood, to balance out the calories we will consume. There are plans for cheesecake to celebrate two birthdays and for a green curry featuring eggplant. Joann, Ana and I will go to Trader Joe's to load up on interesting groceries. Ana is already bewailing the dearth of quality and choices available in our local supermarket, after enjoying the riches of Montreal. I agree with her, Canadian food is better.

I also have a paper to write where I create an agency out of whole cloth and then develop performance goals for it. I had to read a speech given by our esteemed president in 2005 to figure out how to focus the work of this fictitious agency, which is supposed to be doing something worthwhile in the region affected by Hurricane Katrina. My focus is carefully chosen to appeal to my prof, who works for the RAND Corporation: we will foster entrepreneurship! The paper is due tomorrow, so I will have a couple of days without deadlines after I ship it off.

Last night I got to hear Ana discussing what she is learning with my father. I'm glad that there is one person in the family who understands her studies. I don't even try anymore.

I think that this is my second favorite place to be on the planet, yea in the known universe.


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