Positive Spirit

Still obsessed by the presidential campaign, I was jolted awake by this video that was posted on The Daily Dish:

There is a positive spirit in this video that lifts my spirits. As Sullivan says, "Whatever happens, the McCain campaign could never pull this off. Patience, steel... triumph."

As a denizen of a blue state, there isn't much I can do except give money, though I will do some GOTV in our town. Campaign workers in the swing states are the people who are doing the heroic work, and who will make the difference.

I am off to do some exercises and laundry, then we are headed to Minuet. We hear that water levels have dropped on the river, and we need to find out whether we are stuck in the muck. Yet another cloudy, rainy weekend in store, but Minuet's cabin is dry and cozy.

It's time to breathe some fresh air.


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