Swimming in blogs

It has been a while since I have been inspired to write. I have been so busy reading. The official start of the election season has taken over all of my free time (and some stolen hours) as I check back continually on what is happening.

I'm hooked on:

The Huffington Post
. Though sometimes I get sucked into the celebrity gossip that is rife there, and I'm never proud of myself afterwards.

Politico. This site is relatively new to me. It's a bit stuffy and it works really hard to be even handed. There are some decent blogs on both sides of the election that I check from time to time, but I'm not addicted to any of them yet. I admit, I have a hard time resisting a link.

DailyKos. Liveblogging through the Republican convention was a hoot, and I am hooked on the daily pundit roundup. The optimism that pervades the site is good for my spirits. The optimism here is not based on good feelings, hopes and wishes - it is based on the solid organizing work that progressives have been doing for years now, and on analysis of data and state-by-state polls.

The Daily Dish. I have become quite hooked on Andrew Sullivan's blog. The man is a monster of blog energy - I am astounded by the depth of his reading, and the frequency of his updates. There is nobody I respect more than a conservative with an open mind, except perhaps a liberal with an open mind.

Then there are the newspaper sites that send me emails with links to articles and opinion columns...

All this Internet browsing leaves little time for writing. In fact, it leaves little time to have a life of my own. I am grappling with the Internet monkey on my back. I consider this blog entry as a way to get the juices flowing for an output of energy, which is a healthier way to engage with the world of the enet. Projects around here are wrapping up, as well, which provide material and an outward focus. The siding is on the house, and the staining will be complete this week. I also have almost finished another knitting project. It's time to charge up the camera batteries.


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