25 Random Things About Myself

A couple of people on Facebook have tagged me with this meme. The reason why I am going through the exercise is defined in the first item.

1. I'm having a hard time writing blog posts lately. I am being distracted by Twitter and Facebook. If I do this exercise, I can cross post to my blog. It's a two-fer!

2. I am addicted to stealing time. See #22 and #23 below.

3. I have the opportunity at work to partially change the nature of my job, and need to buckle down and make it so.

4. I keep my fingernails short. I will never have acrylic nails.

5. I'm glad now that I left music as a major in college. Athough I have a knack, I don't have a deep talent. And my heart would be broken as I felt MS weaken my ability to play the flute. As a semi-musician, it doesn't matter that I don't have speed any more, or that I can no longer play a professional open-hole model.

6. Even so, having the opportunity to make music regularly makes my life much richer.

7. I hold onto things, and don't let go easily. This applies to, among other things, t-shirts, bags, and emotions.

8. My husband and I turned out to be good at raising a child from teenager to adult.

9. I need to learn how to take the helm of our sailboat. Now that there are only two of us as the main crew, I'm not the logical one to do the heavy work - dropping and weighing anchor, dealing with the mainsail, handling the lines when docking. I'm not too bad on the open water, but learning to take the wheel in closer circumstances, such as coming into a dock, scares me.

10. When we bought our land and built our home in the woods, I thought we were choosing a more ecologically sound way to live. I was wrong.

11. I enjoy growing plants outside in a garden. My husband takes care of the plants inside our house.

12. We have a Dracaena fragrans Massangeana plant that was a gift from my husband to me in the early years of our relationship. It's more than 30 years old.

13. I learned one thing during the six months we lived in Mexico: we've had times when we've been broke, but we've never really been poor.

14. My family went camping in a succession of small trailers as I grew up. One year we went all the way around Lake Superior. Our final trip as a family was to the Black Hills in South Dakota and to Yellowstone; I was 16. A fabulous trip, even if tensions within the family were high.

15. My first job was working in a bag factory, stuffing plastic bags with attached twist-ties into paper envelopes. It was a military contract, and the bags were destined for use as vomit bags on military transports. The Vietnam war was in full swing at the time.

16. My first album was Bob Dylan's "Highway 61 Revisited". I think my second one was The Jimi Hendrix Experience's "Are You Experienced?", although there may have been a Beatles' album in the mix there as well.

17. I do not color away the gray in my hair. I think it looks nice.

18. Reading my sister's 25 random things on Facebook was very interesting. We regularly talk to each other about our families and our doings, but we don't necessarily open up to each other. I suspect that is true for many families - that we keep the defenses up and the information sharing on a need-to-know basis.

19. Although we live a quarter-mile into the woods, we don't have a four-wheel drive vehicle. Our two small cars do as well getting in and out as any four-wheel drive car we owned over the years.

20. I don't remember numbers well unless they are in patterns. At work, I couldn't tell you off the top of my head what our bottom line is or how much we spent on fuel oil, but I can remember the correct account code for just about any transaction.

21. I have been a serious knitter for 25 years. I am not at SABLE status with my yarn collection, but I have more knitting patterns in my library than I will ever be able to make. (SABLE = Stash Accumulated Beyond Life Expectancy)

22. I've never learned how to buckle down over the long haul on a long-term project. Everyone thinks I am a hard worker, but that's not really true. I'm a master of the targeted skim, the quick study, and of pulling things together at the last minute. At least, this is my perception of myself. Grad school doesn't count here, because that was all laid out for me. Grad school required few decisions, and no component of it lasted longer than 9 weeks.

22A. My job doesn't really help with this. So much of it is mindless routine, and there are endless interruptions and short-term problems to solve.

23. I think that my attention span is getting shorter and shorter. See #22. I think it would good for me to reverse that trend. I might be able to immerse myself in a book again.

23A. See 22A.

24. I have tinnitus. I don't complain about it and have not sought medical follow-up. I probably should. I believe that I may end up losing part of my hearing as I age, as my grandmother did and as both my mother and father have.

25. I am pretty good at understanding other people, at putting myself in their shoes. That does not mean that I agree with them, or that I will do what they want me to do. Most of the time, though, I will meet you at least half-way, because I understand your point of view.


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