A happy anniversary

There was something about yesterday that kept pricking at my thoughts and memories. When I checked my calendar before going to bed, I realized that yesterday was the one year anniversary of my emergency surgery last year. As I look back, this anniversary feels like a New Year's celebration.

I am so very grateful to be alive, and to have experienced the past year. For me, it has been a good one. Without the miracle of medical technology, I do not think I would have survived. I am so very lucky to live in the right place at the right time.

I remember with love everything people did to help me as I recovered. My husband took care of me and of all the heavy work, and my daughter was home on break for the first week after I came home. My mother drove up from Rochester to stay with me when my husband had to go out of town on business. How many times now has she come up to stay with us when I have needed help? Will I ever do the same for my daughter?

I am grateful as well for the messages of caring and support that I got from friends, both near and far.

And on, onward to another day in the gift that is my life.


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