Knitting Blog: Gift Edition

Usually I DO NOT knit many holiday gifts. I learned long ago that deciding to create gifts rather than buying them leads to lack of sleep and fevered behaviors as the deadline approaches. I don't avoid it entirely, but limit my goals to, let's say, one scarf or maybe a pair of socks for one family member.

This year I did more than usual. It was all set off by T (my future DIL), who said she only wanted one thing from me this Christmas - a neckwarmer. Neckwarmers are small scarves, usually buttoned, that nestle nicely into necklines and have no surplus fabric spilling over onto the bodice. She sent a picture of a suggestion, but I ended up settling on a completely different project after an hour or two of pattern searching on Ravelry.


The pattern I chose is the Flower Scarf by Robyn Diliberto, and it has elements of strong appeal to me, as everything is crafted from yarn, even the button that holds it together. It is also lighthearted, dare I say cute. I knit three - one for T., one for my niece, and one for an Internet friend.

These are the ones for T. and my friend. The yarn was purchased at Rhinebeck from Autumn House Farm. T's is pure silk, and the other yarn is a cotton/merino/silk blend. They are hand-painted yarns, and the color patterns were a surprise.

The yellow version is for my niece, and is knit from a hemp/cotton/modal blend called Hempathy.

Making the flower was a fun exercise in math. I started with 9 stitches, and within 8 rows increased to 243 stitches. I divided the stitches between 3 cable needles; any fewer needles, and the stitches became so packed together, they were almost impossible to knit. The stitch count increases from 3^2 to 3^3 to 3^4 to 3^5 stitches in such a short distance, the fabric distorts and ruffles. The picture is right after the increase from 3^3 to 3^4 stitches.

A couple of pics of the projects installed on their new owners:


Just to prove that I am not immune to knitting fashion, I also make a couple of pairs of felted slippers designed by Melynda Bernardi. This is one of the most downloaded patterns on Ravelry in recent weeks, and there are over 1,500 finished projects listed on Ravelry.

I gave one pair to T's daughter A, my newest grandchild. I was thrilled when they fit her perfectly!

The other pair is in the mail to my niece, and I am confident that they will fit as well.

Ms. Bernardi did an outstanding job of designing a pattern that fits the foot well. She also suggests using puffy paint on the soles to make them less slippery and this idea works like a charm!

Now that the holiday knitting season is officially over, I can resume the socks and shawl that wait patiently for me. Oh yes, there is also the deep pink Kidsilk Haze from my Christmas stocking that is longing to be transformed into a lace cowl - that will be pushed up in the queue, so I can enjoy the results while it is still cold enough to wear mohair.


  1. Love love love you and the neckwarmer! It will definitely come in handy with the 'warm' weather we are having!



  2. Lovely work Anita! The neckwarmers look gorgeous on their new owners! :-) Coralee

  3. The girls love their gifts. So do I. Oh yeah--we love you, too!

  4. Julia gave me a heads-up on your site and all I can say is 'WOW'! Your knitting is gorgeous. I'm inspired to move past my current 'dishcloth and straight stitch scarf' level of knitting. That flower scarf, in particular, is wonderful. Do you ever post anything on Etsy?

  5. Ravelry member and Mac lover in MassenaFebruary 18, 2010 at 10:11 AM

    I like the flower scarf...very clever... and I think I too will make some of the slippers


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