Coming up: Back to work

My medical leave is coming to an end - I’ll be going back to work on Monday.

I haven’t done as much knitting, or nearly as much blogging, as I thought I would. Twitter and Google Reader offer so many lovely distractions. I’m well informed and entertained - perhaps too much so.

I do have lots of thoughts that I could blog on, but many of them relate to family or work, and do not seem to be fit topics to expose to public view. So I don’t blog on them. And as I hold my tongue, the practice of not saying anything becomes stronger, and I say less and less.

The highlight of the 3.5 weeks of leave was (of course) my daughter’s graduation from McGill. It was a wonderful day. My husband has the best photos on his camera, and I have started nagging him to download them, and share them with me. The experience deserves a blog post of its very own.

How do I feel? Pretty good, but I am not back to exercise or anything strenuous yet. I had a scare earlier this week when i started spotting, after 3 weeks of no discharge at all. I ended up laying low in Montreal rather than sightseeing because I was afraid I had done too much, and injured myself. When I got back home, I called my doctor’s office and found out that what is happening is part of the healing process. Internal sutures are dissolving, right on schedule. My daughter said it’s no wonder I’ve been a little more achy, as there is nothing holding me together any more other than me. I’m starting to pick up steam, though. The worst of the healing is behind me now.

We have begun to practice earlier-to-bed, earlier-to-rise. I am determined to get to work a bit earlier, focus more intently, and pull the plug after 8 hours and head home. Let’s see if I can muster the self-control needed to establish new, healthier habits.


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