The stories that belong to me

While my blog is personal, it is not private. I've been thinking about what that means. My conclusion: I need to think about whether a story belongs to me before I blog about it.

I'm entering into budget season at work and it's going to be even more difficult than usual. Still, that's not really a story that belongs to me. It involves connections between our agency, a major funder, and a partner agency, and it is not in my job description to publicize the issues. I don't observe my boss talking about the situation publically, so I won't either. It doesn't matter how many waking hours I devote to crunching numbers and projecting alternatives, this is not really my story.

The same line of thought applies to the major project my husband has been working on for so many years. It just passed a major milestone when the New York State Legislature passed a bill this week that makes the project possible. The bill now has to be signed by the Governor, and it won't be sent to him for a while. Even though this project has been a major focus of our family life, it is not a story that belongs to me.

There is a story that belongs to me. For the first time in my adult life, I spent the day with my sister. Just us two. I'll blog about that soon. Right now, I'm in Montreal, and I'm going to focus on that. There may even be a story in it.


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