Ravelry Came Knocking Today

Ohhhhh, baby's gotta brand new toy. Ravelry.

I have read about Ravelry in a knitting magazine, and a comment on a post several days ago sent me over to check it out. Ravelry is a site for knitters and crocheters. It is a place where people can blog, document projects, catalog tools and stash, chat, share info on the forums, and search for what other needlecraft addicts are making.

I had to wait my turn to sign up, though. The site managers are only letting about a thousand people join the site per day. Right now the waiting list is over 7,000 people. The email came today, and I'm in!

I'm pleased to find that I still seem to be the only person around who has thought up the name "scifiknitter". I'm scifiknitter in Ravelry, and on my brand new Flickr account. Right now you have to use Flickr to post pics in Ravelry. It's fast and easy. So I actually got two new toys for the price of one - free!

I've already posted my Map of the World sweater, with pics and comments. The site immediately cross referenced my post with three other versions of the project, all of which look different from mine. Ravelry is already amazing me as an example of what the interwebs can do.

I'm off to play.


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