Ready for a Road Trip

It's four weeks exactly from the beginning of my recovery from major surgery. I am feeling so much better. My energy levels have increased a lot, although I tend to get tired in the afternoon. I have hardly any pain from my incision. Things are looking up.

My poor, sad belly is no work of beauty. I have to wait a few more weeks before I can begin exercising it back into some form of tautness. I have my big rubber ball, ready for crunch time. Meanwhile, I can be lazy without guilt. Goodness, that is hard for me. The laziness is easy, I am very talented at frittering away time. The guilt is hard to put aside, even though it does me absolutely no good right now.

We are driving up to Montreal tomorrow to visit our daughter. We'll go to Ikea, where I will see just how much energy I can muster these days. I want to buy a curtain for the bathroom, because a friend has been cutting firewood on our property, and the bathroom window looks out on the road into the woods. More than once I've stepped out of the shower just as his tractor was going by. I am not modest, but I prefer to pick my times when I bare it all. We also need compact fluorescent bulbs and a brush for the kitchen. And, I want to look at beds. We are finishing our bedroom, little by little, and I want a new bed. Something low, and Scandinavian, with shelves for books and clocks and iPods and lube. We'll also look at couches. Ana has a list, too.

Of course we are taking a care package. Glazier hot dogs (a local brand, and her favorite), cheese (dairy products are expensive in Quebec), and Neverwinter Nights II for the Intel Mac (a Christmas gift that finally shipped). We are taking her a surprise, too - an Easter basket with a golden milk chocolate bunny and excellent jelly beans.

We'll all go out to a dinner at a good restaurant together. Ana has chosen one near her that smells good every time she walks by it. She has a good nose, and I trust her judgment. I suppose that it is possible to encounter bad food in Montreal, but so far we have found nothing but good eating. Then Robert and I will head home in a companionable state of bittersweet.


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