If it's July, life must be hectic

I'm so busy right now, I feel like summer is going to slip by with no chance to enjoy it. By "it", I mean the warm sun, the lush plant-life, the water, the great outdoors.

We have sailed all of two hours so far this summer. This is pathetic! Of course, there have been a lot of rainy weekends, which doesn't help. Other contributing factors:

It's budget time at work, so it's hard to take time off. I'm knocking down the work, as much as I can in the heat. Showtime is July 24th, when I must have a budget together.

Our band has eight gigs this month, which is a lot. We have four gigs next week, which is probably too many.

My sister and her family visited the last weekend in June, and they are coming back this weekend - my niece is attending a music camp at a nearby college. Fun, and they would go sailing with us, but there just isn't enough time.

My grad course this term is a killer. I'm taking Governmental Budgeting - which I thought would be a slam-dunk and maybe even interesting, because after all, budgets are my thang. However, it turns out to be 700 dry pages of federal acronyms, little on how you actually create a budget, and a prof who expects me to memorize this stuff. He also holds political views that are quite different from mine, so I have been careful not to let my freak flag fly. During the next two weeks I will be taking a final and writing a 4,000 word paper on the USDA.

We continue to have a couple of guys show up to put siding on our house, when it isn't raining. Things go more smoothly and more quickly when Robert sticks around to give a hand and help solve problems. The siding is well over half done!

Adding to it all is the sad diagnosis that I got today: I now must tell all medical services providers that I am allergic to sulfa drugs. I developed a UTI over the weekend and my old friend Sulfa Trimeth caused me to develop a red, itchy rash on my eyelids. It feels just like I chopped hot peppers, then touched my eyes before washing the pepper juice off of my hands. I have an undertone of red all over my body. I'm on a different drug now to finish up the UTI cure, and I need to stay out of the sun for a while. This means that I am now allergic to two of the three main families of drugs used for urinary tract infections. Time to drink some water.

I was panicking a week ago about my schedule overload, but I feel strangely calm tonight. Everything that needs to get done will get done. And after it's done, we'll go sailing.


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