A Shout-Out: An Essay by Bill Vitek

Normally I am careful to preserve the fiction that I am writing for myself rather than an audience when I blog. Not today. This is a shout-out, urging you to read this essay:

These Revolutionary Times by Bill Vitek

A bit about Bill:

He teaches philosophy and ethics at Clarkson University, a school that specializes in engineering, science, and business.

He is a wonderful jazz pianist. He collaborates with Dan Gagliardi, a stand-up bass player and mathematician who has been a mentor to my daughter. You can hear their music here: A Fine Line: UpNorth Music Project.

When I was still attending church regularly at the UU in Canton, I heard him give a guest sermon. I think it was the best sermon I ever heard in that space.

A bit about the essay:

It talks about what lies ahead for us as a species in the near future. Very near in terms of the earth's clock. To me, it has the ring of truth.

Please read it. Perhaps we could even have a conversation about Bill's thoughts.


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