December 2 Blog: Best Restaurant Moment

AiiiYiiiYiii. What a day. Such a mix of effectiveness and ineffectiveness. I'm starting to get some of the computers at work ready for the great email migration, and getting a whole lot of work done, and spending very little time bonding with my iPhone, so there I am, feeling effective. And then I go to do a tax preparer training for the VITA program I am coordinating, and *ONE* person shows up.

Plus there are additional revenue cuts, this time from NY state, on the horizon... that news has been expected, and it came down today.

So it is a pleasure to turn away from my workaday world to:

December 2 Restaurant moment. Share the best restaurant experience you had this year. Who was there? What made it amazing? What taste stands out in your mind?

I was so lucky to have some great restaurant meals. It's hard for me to settle on which one was the best.

Was it the meal at Aroma Restro in Kingston, Ontario, with R. and Sharkey? I am remembering a salad that was chock full of macadamia nuts, a perfectly cooked piece of pickerel, and a very nice Ontario red wine - I so wish I could remember the name of the variety, but such details escape me.

Was it the meal at an excellent restaurant in Cape Cod, where we celebrated our daughter's impending majority with my father and stepmother? A. wasn't quite legal yet, but she sipped at a glass of excellent wine. The server was very impressive, able to rattle off long lists of details about elegant food. It's the kind of restaurant that serves lamb. I remember a fish cake with wasabi mayonnaise and mango salsa.

The best meal was probably when we took A. to The 1844 House after she turned 21. This time she proudly presented her driver's license to prove that she was eligible to have a wine glass in front of her plate. The meal was excellent, a tasty red wine, perfectly cooked chicken with fiddleheads, a salad of greens with the right amount of bitterness, a dessert of peach cobbler. We ate it outside in a screened porch, and basked in sunshine and warmth. The strongest flavor was the sweetness of having raised our daughter to adulthood, and feeling like we have done a pretty darn good job of it.

We won't have another chance to taste that particular flavor again in that particular way.

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  1. I have to share my best restaurant moment of 2009. Husband and I decided to check out "restaurant week" in NYC over Valentine's Day. VD was a Saturday, so we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to go out for a nice lunch. During restaurant week, lots of really expensive restaurants had lunch for $24. So, we went to Cafe Boulud for our $24 3 course lunch (and had a bottle of wine for $24 - felt like a steal). My first course was a caesar salad. It was served as several individual romaine leaves and half a hard boiled egg. But, the yolk wasn't hard boiled. It was soft. The yolk was dark yellow-orange and spilled over the side of the white. It was the most perfectly beautiful egg I have ever seen. It was great fun because it was a deal, it was gorgeous and it was impossibly delicious. Oh, and I got to shake Daniel Boulud's hand, which was was about as A-list as we food nerds get on a regular day!


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