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 I dig into big issues at the Free to Breathe site from time to time that are the type you talk about one-on-one with a close friend rather than something you might talk about in casual conversation. (Although maybe anything related to cancer isn't a fit topic for casual conversation...) These are three recent posts of which I am quite proud.

Some Social Security Disability Tips for Patients with Lung Cancer
"If you are diagnosed with lung cancer and you are still working, one of your first questions will be “Are my working days over?” Everyone with advanced disease must face this, and even people with early stage disease can find themselves contending with permanent debilitating side effects from treatment."

Scanxiety is Real! 8 Ideas for Coping with the Stress of Scan Time
"A study published last year confirms what all of us already know: scanxiety is real for lung cancer patients, and it negatively affects our quality of life. You know it and I do, too, because right now, as I write these words, I have it."

The Side Effect They Don't Tell You About: Lung Cancer, Treatment and Your Love Life
"There is a very common family of side effects that can result from lung cancer treatment, indeed from all cancer treatments. It’s something that doctors have on their checklists for assessing patient status, but it’s a rare doctor who asks about how you are doing in this area. It’s also a rare cancer patient who brings up the subject. Can you guess what this side effect could be?"


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