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Engrossing, fast-paced, fascinating, accepting: these are how I describe the bi-weekly #LCSM chats on Twitter. The acronym translates to Lung Cancer Social Media, and a group of advocates, patients, and medical professionals have committed themselves to hosting these hour-long discussions of important lung cancer topics. The official site: The site has the next topic to be discussed and a list of questions that will be covered by attendees. There are also links to much other information of value: transcripts of past chats, lists of blogs, and many other resources.

Newcomers to Twitter and to the chats are often confused about how to use Twitter and participate in #LCSM. I wrote a beginner’s guide on to help more people take advantage of this great resource.

For one hour, patients, advocates, oncologists, surgeons, and pathologists discuss a selected topic. The group is warm and inclusive, and your voice is as valued as the tweets of the medical professionals, some of whom are leaders in lung cancer research.”

Now that I have caught up with archiving what I have written everywhere else, I am going to take a break from lung cancer on this blog for a post or two. Thank you for bearing with me as I update my anthology of links.


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