Ringtones! More mother-daughter bonding

Back in December, I got me a pink RAZR cell phone, when I lost the detested whatever it was in a snowbank some where. I immediately discovered, however, that the selection of ringtones on the phone was terrible. There weren't many to choose from, and they were very uninteresting.

I remember the good ol' days when cell phones came with lots of ringtones. Then the phone companies discovered they could make money by selling ringtones. My theory is that they have decided to not supply interesting ring tones on the phones so that people will be driven to buy them.

Well, I got me a techie daughter as well as a computer, a cellphone, and iTunes, so AT&T will not be making money on me.

Last night I learned how to convert m4a files to mp3 files, and how to use Bluetooth to upload the files from my computer to my phone. I searched for suitable files by sorting my iTunes library by length of song, and choosing tunes that were less than 40 seconds long. I do not currently have a music editing program installed on my computer, so I couldn't shorten possible choices to a suitable length. I found enough, between some files that Ana donated to the cause, and some great short tunes on my computer. The phone does not have a lot of memory, so we could only upload a handful of ringtones - but I have enough to have a phone that sounds like me.

So what do I have as personalized ringtone choices?

* A cute sound from the Wii, suitable as a voicemail or text message sound.
* A Star Trek sound, also a good short indicator. It's the STNG incoming hail sound.
* The theme song from Futurama. Ana and I have thought this would make a terrific ringtone for ages. It's cheerful and very ringy-dingy.
* The theme song from Scrubs. I currently have that one set as my husband's ringtone, because he loves the show.
* Samus Aran's appearance theme from Metroid Prime. This is Ana's ringtone. :-) She is a complete Metroid addict, and has emotionally bonded with Samus.
* Ringing bells from a church in Dresden, from a European Christmas album.
* A short portion of Mussorgsky's Pictures at an Exhibition, played on piano by Ivan Pogorelich.
* Funky Mambo, a short piece from Jane Bunnett's album Alma de Santiago. This is currently my main ringtone.
* "Woo hoo!" This would be the perfect ring tone for a friend of mine who blogs on Xanga, and has adopted "woohoo" as his trademark.

I could upload these to my blog... but I won't. My daughter doesn't want the RIAA tracking me down for distributing music files unlawfully.


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