The Periodic Table of Videos

I ran into this in the GeekCraft group on Ravelry. I sent the link to my father, who is a retired research chemist. He sent back one word: "FABULOUS". Check out The Periodic Table of Videos.

This is just a jpg, so none of the links are live. Here is the trailer:

Check out the passion of the chemists involved! These people love what they are doing with their lives. Blowing things up certainly seems to be a major perk.

This to me is a perfect example of the promise of tech realized. Any student of chemistry is likely to find these videos to be powerful learning tools.

I shared this link with my daughter, too, because she is adding a chemistry minor to her honors math major. I don't know if she has looked at any of the vids yet, though. I'm not going to prod, but I hope she checks it out. I'm keeping the page up for a while on my comp, and will peruse the vids when I have a few moments to spare. When you have chemists in the family, anything that helps you understand their knowledge and passion is a good thing.


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