Me at 57

It's my birthday today. I'm thankful for the really big small things - a warm home that I love, a husband who I love who has arrived home safely after traveling.

I got a few things, too - some mad money, earrings made by my daughter (given to me in advance), a handmade tote bag and a belly dancing hipscarf from my dear friend. The belly dancing hipscarf is HOT. Orange chiffon with three lines of jingly coins. You tie it around your hips, and when you shimmy, everyone knows it.

Time to spend some birthday money online at Knitpicks. I'm dreaming about a sweater...


  1. I wasn't able to leave a comment under my WordPress identity, but happy belated birthday! I hope that we're as vibrant and interesting as you are when we're 57!

    -- SB & the OG


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