Proud Mom!

This summer, my daughter was part of a undergraduate research program in mathematics. It was a dream job - she made darn good money and got to do advanced work in applied graph theory. Now, word has come that the paper that she co-wrote with her group and the professor who headed the team has been accepted for publication!

Title: "Mixing of Quantum Walks on Generalized Hypercubes," quant-ph/0808238. Accepted to appear in International Journal of Quantum Information.

Of everyone who checks into this blog, there may be one or two people who have a clue as to what this paper is about. I cheerfully confess that I don't.

If you had asked me many years ago what I dreamed of for my daughter, I would have told you that I hoped she would drink deeply from a well of knowledge. It is a thrill to watch her do just that. I'm not surprised that she has taken off in a direction different from mine. And I'm happy that she respects my particular pool of knowledge. While I don't understand the math that she is learning, she comes to me to do her taxes and help her deal with the bureaucracy of student aid.

Drink deep, where ever you are. It's all good.


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