Backlogged Blogger

I'm home after a wonderful week of vacation that has much to write about. Robert and I cleaned the house, we sailed, and we went to Montreal. I've also almost finished a knitting project that just needs blocking to be done, made progress on another project, and started a third.

I also have a new project in the wings. My son set up a Blogger page for Stringfolks and linked it to our URL. I am going to become the official webmaster for our band, and will be developing our webpage to something better than the pitiful thing it currently is.

Today I went back to work. Ah, the joys of Real Life™. Only 60 email messages and 4 voicemail messages, however, in a week's time. I have disposed of them, and taken care of all of the bills and purchase orders that accumulated in my absence. I'm ready to move on to the budget work that is the heart of July in my life.

I will be writing after I have shrunk pictures to a size that is uploadable, transferred pictures from iPhone to computer, and weeded the gardens. Oh yes, I also need to pick up our CSA share for the week tomorrow. Eeeeeek, more blogging material!

It's a clear case of Real Life™ trumping the Internet.


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