CSA Week #4

Farmer Bill and Annie have gone to the banana box model - a banana box of food each week. The take this week is luscious:

In the box were the following veggies:
- carrots
- green onions, both large and small
- one head of very fresh garlic
- one leek
- a good sized bag of shell peas. Shell peas - be still, my beating heart.
- a bag of mixed young lettuces
- a cabbage
- a big bunch of beets with perfectly fresh greens
- garlic scapes
- parsley and basil
- kale
- 3 cucumbers. Robert just made yogurt, and I'm thinking raita.
- collard greens

It's a long list, but I think we will be able to eat it all by next Tuesday. The biggest challenge is the onions, because Robert is not an onion lover. He will eat them cooked, however, so I will be able to use them.

Tonight we ate the collards. "Simply in Season" came to my aid again, with a recipe for greens with peanut sauce. I was able to use up an onion as well. I thought they were heavenly.

Tomorrow we will eat the peas, because they MUST be eaten while fresh. Right? I performed a simple test to make sure that they are shell peas and not sugar snaps: I bit into one, and tried to chew the pod. Not exactly edible, although it didn't taste bad. They might be good if one was low on fiber. Fresh shell peas are a treat, not usually eaten more than a couple of times a year, so I think I will put on a party hat tomorrow when I sit down to eat them.


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