A landmark in time

Today is my daughter's 21st birthday. She is officially an adult in every way there is to be an adult.

She came home this past weekend for a family weekend on the boat, and she already has her gift from us - grown up clothes for her grown up work as a researcher this summer. I baked her our favorite carrot cake before she went back to Montreal.

It's been a busy few weeks. I've been concentrating on The Budget at work. It's never easy, and there is always red ink in the initial budget. This year, less grant funding and flat funding from our core funders meant there had to be some significant cuts. There will be no raises for anyone in 2010, but everyone still has a job. Not all non-profit agencies are as fortunate. I think that the portents for 2011, however, look pretty grim unless we can win a couple of grants.

We had our first annual family weekend on the boat. This was never possible in the past - our son's ex refused to go sailing. There was enough room on the boat to go sailing, but not enough for everyone to sleep on the boat, so we rented a room for our son and his GF. On Sunday we went to the Antique Boat Museum, where we got to tour a real plaything of the rich and famous, one of the largest houseboats ever made, formerly owned by the McNally family (of Rand-McNally). It was like walking through a human sized doll house, and utterly enchanting.

I've restarted work on the boat canvas project. The dodger is starting to come apart in the forward section with the zippered windows, and there is some sudden urgency to get on with it.

The CSA boxes are evolving through the season - fewer greens, bigger vegetables. I must do something with those beets that are piling up! I wonder if I could slow roast them on the grill. One of these days I will post pictures again.

Off to my first day in many years as an adult with no minor children.


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